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Norain Yusoff: VCO Treenea

Thursday, 7 February 2013

VCO Treenea

1. jerawat dan kulit muka berminyak 
2. kitaran haid yang tak teratur 
3. selera makan yg terlalu tinggi 
4. letih dan kurang energy 
5. masalah kencing manis 
6. strectmarks dan tona kulit yg kusam 
7. parut2 dan bekas2 luka 
8.masalah kulit kering&merekah


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Introducing our very first product, VCO Antioxidants (VCO-Treenea). VCO-Treenea is a Malaysian health and nutritional supplement product that combine natural ingredients with advanced scientific researched. It is manufactured with very high quality standard under stringent procedures to ensure the intended benefits are retained for consumers’ consumption. It is an effective supplement to our consumers who would like to prevent chronic conditions caused by free radicals.
VCO-Treenea has such strong antioxidant abilities that has been used to treat variety of health problems, not to mention the rich natural vitamin such as Vitamin E (alphatocopherols), Vitamin A (retinol) and Vitamin D (cholecaciferol) that needed by the human body. Vitamin A and E are also believed to act as an antioxidant agent with an ability of trapping the free radicals. Additionally, several researches also conclude that these vitamins are capable of preventing cancer and heart disease. It is produced from a process that does not use heat and its formula is blended with 100% organic virgin coconut oil which is free of cholesterol.
VCO-Treenea has many nutritional and health benefits to the human body because it has higher content of antioxidants than other virgin coconut oils. It is suitable for usage by all levels of age in the society. We believe that the quality and potency of our products will bring about satisfaction to our customers.


Na punya skin type yang sensitive.."eczema"tism..hee..wujud ke perkataan tu? Haha! Nak cover line tak nak malu sangat cakap punya skin "orang kaya" haha! Ye la..maintenance banyak..nak makan ubat tu..nak kena makan ubat before this badan na asik makan "drug" je..kadang2 sampai rasa ubat tu dah immune n tak bagi kesan dah.. 
Till one start makan VCO..and perasan time tu eczema dah tak keluar dah..alhamdulillah..dah tak yah nak makan zyrtec..ubat tahan gatal and etc..
But then..sampai la..tiba-tiba..terputus bekalan VCO..wooaahh!time tu..tiba-tiba eczema datang balik...naik kat jari lak tu..nak basuh2 memang susah kut sebab pedih..kulit kering menggelupas..luka..gatal..dan memang effect otak gak la kan..sebab nak control tahan gatal and sakit.. 
But..time tu jugak..heard that new product coming out..vco..but different brand..haa..memang time tu rasa elok jugak la boleh try and boleh kasi review ok ke tak this new brand kan..effective or not..
And is proven VCO ANTIOXIDANT TREENEA memang berkesan macam vco lain2 jugak..  
The result can be seen in this pic.. On the right side..before na makan vcoa it was on 4th january 2013.. the left side taken today..14 january 2013. Alhamdulillah..its getting better with Allah's willing + VCOA Treenea..yeayy!!


SMS/WHATSAPP: 014-5498028 

BBM: 26FE0758


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♥ aiNa yaZiD ♥ said...

semoga terus success dear~! =) Vco mmg berkhasiat. hehe

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